Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mark Schultz Bike Tour

Contemporary Christian musician Mark Schultz
is bicycling cross country to draw attention to adoption.

Wow, that is an impressive Darth Maul sunburn he's picked up.
Ah, the joys of wearing a bicycle helmet.

Map of the path of his bike trip as shown on the side of his support bus.

Mark Schultz stretching on a stop in Illinois.

Mark's bike.

Mark meets WIBI's Rob Regal's kids.
The girls loved the teddy bears they received
and each one named their bear.

WIBI's Rob Regal joined Mark on a portion of the trip.

Rob's bike.
Those are turn by turn directions on the handlebars.

A prayer posted on the door of the support bus.


Check out Mark Shultz's website regarding this bike tour at:

You can track his bike trip here and check out his concert schedule.

His official website is at:

Google News for keyword "Mark Schultz"

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Articles regarding Mark Schultz at CCM Magazine.

The Gospel Music Television channel offers a video report on Mark's travels.

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